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Ghislaine Maxwell runs in her Florida prison’s half-marathon

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Ghislaine Maxwell was photographed jogging behind bars in Florida recently. We hear the British socialite-turned-inmate was actually running in her prison’s official half marathon.

The race at the barbed wire-encircled Federal Correctional Institution of Tallahassee included 19 inmates who ran 52 times round the prison’s track to cover 13.1 miles.

No word on Maxwell’s time, or if she made the podium.

Her appeals attorney, Arthur Aidala, told us the facility put the event together, since, “One of the warden’s jobs is to make it livable.”

Besides distance running, he said that Maxwell is also doing “yoga and Pilates” in jail as she preps for her her appeal on March 12.

The powerhouse defense attorney surmised, “She looked great, she really did. Typically my clients who are incarcerated for an extended period gain a lot of weight… their diet in prison is primary carbohydrates.”

Maxwell, 62, was photographed on the track in gray sweats at the federal lock-up where she’s serving a 20-year sentence for sex trafficking.

Besides all the exercise, life in prison for Maxwell is anything but cushy at the low security correctional institution.

“Even as a visitor, going to prison is terrifying,” said Aidala, who recently met with Maxwell for six hours to discuss her appeal.

He said of the Florida facility, “It’s very different than going to Rikers Island or Brooklyn House of Detention… it’s isolated, there’s barbed wire everywhere you can see. It’s very quiet, and you know you’re not leaving.”

But Maxwell — who was infamously convicted in 2021 of recruiting and grooming young women to be sexually assaulted by Jeffrey Epstein — is actually hoping to leave.

She arrived at her meeting with Aidala with a stack more than “two-and-a-half-feet [high] of paperwork,” he said. “She knows her case inside and out… She knows all the transcripts, the…

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