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Clive Davis’ son Doug accuses Uber driver of ‘antisemitism and threatening his family’

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This wasn’t the type of headline Clive Davis wanted to read ahead of the New York Pops’ tribute concert for him at Carnegie Hall, where Dionne Warwick, Babyface, Busta Rhymes, Rob Thomas and Carlos Santana performed on Monday.

His son, a high-powered entertainment and sports attorney, gained some attention of the wrong kind in the days before his dad’s celebration, after a video went viral showing him involved in a heated verbal altercation with Uber driver on Park Avenue.

The video posted online begins midway through the interaction, and shows Doug Davis — who has represented Meta World Peace, among others, and produced concerts featuring Jennifer Hudson, LL Cool J and Santana, and many more A-list stars — arguing with driver Diego Pipoli, after Pipoli refused to give Doug and his family a ride.

Pipoli has claimed that Doug wanted to bring two kids on the trip, but that the scion had booked a car that didn’t have suitable seating for children. He says that when Doug and his wife wanted to put the tots on their lap, he declined to take them to their destination for safety reasons.

But in the clip Doug responds to Pipoli canceling the trip by claiming that Pipoli is “racially profiling” him, causing Pipoli to hop out of the car to confront him and shut the passenger door.

With the two men standing at the roadside, Doug tells Pipoli that the law would now consider him an “aggressor” because he got out the car and “chased me.”

“I’m being harassed,” Doug says. “You’re threatening me.” He later claims, “You are threatening my children.”

Doug adds in the video, “I heard you say under your breath, ‘they look Jewish.’”

A bewildered Pipoli shoots back, “You are sick,” and gets back into the driver’s seat.

At the end of the video, Pipoli asks his social media followers to, “make [Doug] famous” for the incident.

The video — which was reposted by…

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