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Fat Joe Defends Owning Trump Sneakers, X Say No Joe

by Black America Web

Fat Joe took to Instagram to cop pleas for securing a pair of Donald Trump’s Insurrection-worthy sneakers. Needless to say, the social media sneaker community was not pleased, and they let him know.

It goes without saying that Fat Joe is one of sneaker culture’s most prominent members, and had a hand in boosting its popularity when he famously licked a pair of soles back in 2004 on an episode of MTV Cribs. With this in mind, Joe Crack took to IG to explain that he is in no way a Trump supporter, but he felt obligated to cop a pair of January 6’s because he’s a “collector.”

“If you collect art, do you really know what Basquiat was into?” said Joe. “Do you know what Andy Warhol was into? Any of these artists that you was into? You love the art, so you get it. I guess they separate art from the person.”

Okay. The Bronx rapper’s rationale didn’t improve as he went on, respectfully.

He added, “Now, me as a sneaker collector, I had to get my hand on the Trumps. But listen, I have thousands and thousands and thousands of pairs of sneakers. When everybody flipped on Kanye, I went and bought the two most exclusive Kanyes ever.”

Again, okay.

And just for good measure, he said, “Once again, I’m not a Trumper. I dislike Trump. I’m not voting for him, not now, not never, but I’m a sneaker collector into the art.” Joe also made sure to mention that he didn’t pay for the kicks, so there’s that.

This is where we gotta mention that there’s a difference between art and kitsch. A constant criticism is that Trump is the same guy who was tossing paper towels at Puerto Ricans like it a game after a who hurricane wrecked much of the island.

Peep reactions to Fat Joe copping Trump’s Scammer 1’s in the gallery.


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