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Draymond Green Explains Why Kevin Durant Isn’t In NBA GOAT Conversation

by Black America Web

Draymond Green may have just been reinstated for his latest on-court assault, but he’s once again choosing violence.

His latest controversial move comes as the never-ending debate of the NBA’s GOAT suddenly fell at Kevin Durant’s feet during an interview with Arizona Republic’s Duane Rankin.

For the last few years, the argument has been that because Durant always seems to be paired up with a fellow superstar (or two… or three), his petition for GOATship should be denied. Durant, however, strongly disagrees.

“Because I went to the Warriors. Why shouldn’t I be in that? That’s the question you should ask,” Durant told the Arizona Republic. “Why not? What haven’t I done?”

Never one to shy away from a topic, Green chimed in on it on the latest episode of his The Draymond Green Show podcast. He explained that while he praises Durant’s elite shooting ability, he doesn’t consider his former teammate a GOAT because he’s yet to achieve greatness on his own.

“I think KD is one of the greatest scorers we’ve ever seen. The way KD scores the ball is so effortless,” Green says. “He’s never seen a bad shot, he’s going to get you 31 points on 14 shots. That is a normal KD night. Obviously, I’m not one that’s going to be like, ‘KD’s championships aren’t real.’ Stop it. There’s no championship that’s not real.”

Green then compares Durant’s GOAT status to Steph Curry’s impressive 2022 Championship winning campaign.

“Steph didn’t get the credit that Steph gets today until 2022 when he led this team to a championship and won the Finals MVP. When all else was failing, Steph said, ‘Alright, fellas, come on, let’s go there.’ Period. You got to go do what Steph did to get to that conversation,” Green added.

To be fair, Durant stayed with the Oklahoma City Thunder for nine seasons before he moved on to the Golden State Warriors, who were already loaded with Green, Curry, and Klay Thompson. But…

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