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Desmond Howard Says “Entitled” Passenger Tried To Have Him Thrown off Flight, Twitter Reacts

by Black America Web

Being a former NFL player won’t even stop you from getting into a Karen-like situation.

Footballer turned successful ESPN sportscaster Desmond Howard was recently on a flight when a white fellow passenger took issue with his coughing.

The football legend recently shared footage while aboard a flight explaining a situation where another passenger tried to have him removed because he was “sick,” going as far as to call over a flight attendant.

“So I’m on this American Airlines flight, and before we took off, this supervisor comes up and speaks to the guy sitting next to me. She says, ‘You wanted to talk to me?’ He says, ‘Yeah, I think you should remove this gentleman from the plane because he’s sick,’ talking about me. And I said, ‘Oh, I’m sorry, are you a doctor?’ He says, ‘Well, you’ve been coughing all over the place.’ This is before we even took off, right? So I said, ‘Well, you can leave the plane and take another flight, because I’m not leaving. All I was doing was clearing my throat,’” the Heisman Trophy winner explained.

The passenger then asked the supervising flight attendant to look up the seating chart to determine that he was flying priority over Howard.

Howard pans over to show the man sitting next to him that caused the issue, asserting that he was never removed from the plane.

“And as you can see, I’m still sitting on this plane. As a matter of fact, we’re in the air right now. The Caucasity of him! Unbelievable. All right, everybody, you guys have a happy Sunday. Peace,” Howard said while ending the video.

American Airlines seemed to be on Howard’s side and even tweeted support in response to his original video, writing, “We’re always happy to have you on board with us!”

See how Twitter reacted to the situation below.

Desmond Howard Says “Entitled” Passenger Tried To Have Him Thrown Off Flight, Twitter Reacts To The “Caucasity” 
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