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‘Creed III’ Makes History As Highest Grossing Opening For a Sports Movie Ever

by Black America Web

Creed III, the directorial debut for Michael B. Jordan, raked in $58.6 million in the United States in its opening weekend. The achievement marks the highest opening domestic premiere ever for a sports movie. Creed III also crossed the nine-figure mark globally, bringing in $100 million worldwide. Prior to this weekend, the film which held the record for highest domestic debut was the 2010 remake of The Karate Kid.

“This is beyond all of our expectations. And we knew that we had something special — we tested the movie and it tested great, but the public responded so resoundingly to it,” Erik Lomis, MGM’s head of distribution, said in statement to the Associated Press. “Everything went right here starting with the movie itself… It was just up to us not to break it when they gave it to us and we didn’t.”

Much is being made of the movie’s central fight between its two main stars, carried out by Jordan and fellow heartthrob Jonathan Majors. But also adding to the “something special” that Lomis spoke of is the cinematic romance of protagonist Jordan’s character Adonis Creed and Bianca Taylor (played by Tessa Thompson).

Fans of the Creed franchise have seen the love between Adonis and Bianca develop and mature in their characters on-screen. Thompson spoke with Refinery29 a few days before the release of Creed III about how the film led her and Jordan to look at their own personal relationship with each other, too.

“OK we were in therapy, yes, as Bianca and Adonis,” the actress revealed, “but we were also reflecting on our own relationships. Since we’ve been making these movies for eight, nine years, we’ve seen each other through various stages in our own romantic things. So we know stuff about each other’s lives. We shared and talked about it. So therapy ended up starting at work and getting more personal.”

‘Creed III’ Makes History As Highest Grossing Opening For a Sports Movie…

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