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Cardi B & Sha’Carri Richardson Getting Their Nails Done Together Is The Good Girlfriend Moment You Need To See

by Black America Web

The 2024 Paris Olympics start in late July, but thanks to Sha’Carri RichardsonandCardi B, we are already hype.

This month, the two “it girls” met for the first time during a collaboration with NBC. In a clip that first aired during the Kentucky Derby, the conversation, interaction, and laughs were just as good as we thought it would be.  

Not only are both of these women powerhouses who dominate their respective fields, but they look good and take no ‘ish while doing it! Cardi and ‘Carri are the duo we didn’t know we needed but are so glad we have.

Scroll to see the video – and learn more about the epic moment below.

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Cardi B and Sha’Carri Richardson dish about the 2024 Olympics while getting their nails slayed.

In a video released on May 4, the two vibrant personalities meet in a hotel suite. Sha’Carri rocks feed-in cornrows with beads and a white athleisure outfit. She’s giving tennis-core. On the other hand, Cardi oozes quintessential hip-hop style with a printed body con, a mini fuschia Chanel flap, and big, bad curls.

The two aren’t there just to talk but to get together like good girlfriends and get their nails done. The self-care service is a perfect activity for Cardi and Sha’Carri because both are known for their dramatic claws.

Along with looks to die for and outfits that make a statement, the pairs’ respective nail games don’t miss.

While getting their nails slayed, Cardi and Sha’Carri discuss the upcoming Paris games. Sha’Carri, the world champion in the women’s 100-meter dash, shares her busy “9 to 5” training schedule, while Cardi talks about her love of Paris shopping.

The video ends with Cardi promising to come to the 2024 Olympics to watch Sha’Carri go for the gold and ends with “To Be Continued” across the screen. Knowing this dynamic duo, who knows what else is in store?


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