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BLK Dating App Launches New Campaign

by Black America Web

BLK Dating App, the world’s largest dating and lifestyle app for the Black community, has officially launched its empowering campaign for the new year. The uplifting initiative entitled “New Year, Real You: #RealNotPerfect” was created to inspire and embolden Black women, encouraging them to embrace and proudly exhibit their authentic selves across every area of their life, including dating, community, education, and the professional arena.

In recognition of the pivotal roles played by Black women as the backbone of our society— leading families, shaping communities, influencing policy, and making indelible marks in on contemporary culture — the “New Year, Real You: #RealNotPerfect” campaign confronts prevailing societal expectations. BLK Dating App is committed to dismantling these constraints, forging a safe space where Black women can express their true selves without the fear of judgment or prejudice.

The focal point of this transformative campaign is a visually captivating brand video featuring four extraordinary Black women in various stages of their lives. Moderated by BLK’s esteemed Relationship and Intimacy Expert, Marissa Nelson, these transparent and authentic conversations will delve into the challenges faced in 2023 when striving for authenticity, their personal commitments to embracing their genuine selves in 2024, and how BLK is creating a safe space for Black women to show up as the most authentic versions of themselves.

The impactful brand video will be reimagined into four shorter, compelling segments, each highlighting the individual journey of each of these remarkable women. Unveiled on BLK’s social media platforms during the month of January, these social videos are designed to ignite engagement and drive conversation within the app’s female community, fostering a deeper sense of connection and shared experiences.

“As a community that has played a pivotal role in shaping culture throughout history,…

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