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Black Women That Dominated Every Year Of The New Millennium

by Black America Web

Happy International Women’s Day!

It is without any question or debate to say that the world would be nothing without women — they literally give life to human civilization every single day! However, outside of the obvious biological need for women, their countless contributions to society as a whole is a reason why they’ll always be referred to as The Divine Feminine.

Don’t even get us started when it comes to the strong, resilient and always entertaining Black women of the world!



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To understand the allure and appeal of Black women entirely is to truly experience love on a core level. Whether forming alliances that will assure the safety for generations of women to come, or simply being the backbone of a powerful Black man at the forefront — looking at you, Mr. and Mrs. Obama! — you can always find a sister somewhere showing off every bit of that “Black girl magic” that we’ve come to understand as their innate superpowers.

Over time, we’ve witnessed many Black women in the public eye set prominent examples of greatness for the masses to follow. From chart-topping music divas and Hollywood movie sirens, to political leaders and world renowned athletes, this millennium has certainly seen its fair share of ladies representing in full color for our culture.

Ladies, we salute you, honor you and cherish all of you for keeping the world inspired in your own individual ways. When it’s all said and done, every day is a day to celebrate women!





To celebrate International Women’s Day in our own special way, we highlighted the pioneering Black women that shaped pop culture since the strike of Y2K. Be sure to give love to a woman in your own life today as well:



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