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Black Fiction Writers To Know And Read

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Among the revelations from NewsOne’s exclusive interview with Jemele Hill is that the celebrated sports journalist-turned-author who just published her memoir has her hopes set on writing fiction next. If Hill follows through with her intentions, it would make her the latest in a long line of talented Black fiction writers.

When asked if fiction could be a possibility for her, Hill said that doing so is part of her larger writing ambitions.

“I think it’s definitely in the picture,” Hill said about the prospects of her writing fiction in the future. “I’m toying with some ideas.”

Hill described publishing fiction as effectively an installment on her proverbial bucket list.

“I want that for myself. Definitely,” Hill added. “To be able to write something, write a fiction novel that really has some impact. We’ll see what I come up with.”

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If Hill does get to publish works of fiction, she would be joining an esteemed roster of other Black fiction writers, many of whom have been recognized with prestigious awards. Some have even had their fictional works adapted for the big and small screens.

Keep reading to find a select list of Black fiction writers who can serve as inspiration for Hill and her ambitions to one day join their ranks.

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10 Black Fiction Writers To Know And Read 
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1. Nella Larsen

Nella Larsen’s classic 1929 novel, Passing, was recently adapted into a motion picture in an indication of the type fo lasting legacy her work has had for nearly a century.

2. Tananarive Due

Tananarive Due


Award-winning science fiction writer and UCLA professor Tananarive Due calls herself a “horror head” who considers horror a subgenre of speculative fiction, where she reigns…

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