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Black Country Music Singer Tony Evans Jr. Is A Star Rising

by Black America Web

Up-and-coming independent country singer Tony Evans Jr. has amassed a healthy social media following by pulling people in with his crystalline baritone, movie star good looks and undeniable Country music covers.

Just recently, the Atlanta-born Black man, who now resides in Nashville, captivated his 500,000 TikTok followers with a cover of Luke Combs’ “One Number Away.” His version went viral, accumulating more than 3.3 million views on TikTok and even more on Instagram—prompting Luke Combs to remark, “Damn! Sounds great buddy!”

The singer-songwriter and self-taught guitar player commands powerful story songs and intricate guitar plucking, journalist and TV host Tamron Hall recognizes. Evans Jr. is set to appear on The Tamron Hall Show Thursday, March 16, and he recently appeared on Good Day Atlanta.

CASSIUS Life caught up with the star on the rise, and he didn’t disappoint.

Cassius: How you feeling today man?

Tony Evans Jr.: Man feeling good. Good. At the studio right now. Finishing up some things.


I can’t wait to ask you about what you got cooking up. I know. You got an album dropping…

Yeah, it’s March already. Yeah. My EP, Starless dropped March 10. So excited about that. And working on new music.


What’s the inspiration behind the title Starless?

So there’s a song on the EP called “Need Somebody.” And there’s a line that goes: when the night is starless in the darkest, darkest, and your fragile heart is about to break. And we were just trying to figure out the EP name and “Starless” came up. You know, I feel like it kind of fits the vibe.


One thing I’ve noticed is that you are a very adept songwriter. How did you cultivate your craft to the point where you could create memorable lines like this?

Writing really bad songs over and over. Writing when I was like, 10, or something, so yeah, just writing bad songs. And then the songs get less bad. And suddenly you find you’re writing stuff that…

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