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‘Bel-Air’ Season 2 Episode 5 Recap

by Black America Web

Season 2 of Peacock’s Bel-Air is getting deeper and deeper as the weeks pass. In episode five, which was entitled ‘Excellence Is Everywhere,’ we start to see the difficulties that can come with relationships, whether business or personal. The episode begins with Will (Jabari Banks) training with his new AAU team, Zenith Hype. After the workout, Will is a bit discouraged because it didn’t go as well as he planned. His teammates called him soft and said he wasn’t ready. Before he could get too down, Jackie (Jazlyn Martin) lets him know that he has to find his edge if he wants to make it. Back at school for the first time since this suspension, Will is surprised when he’s announced as one of the finalists for the Founder’s Award, along with Carlton (Olly Sholotan). After she congratulates him for being nominated, Will is able to convince Lisa (Simone Joy Jones) to give him swim lessons since Doc (Brooklyn McLinn) is making the team do 50 laps the following week. Lisa does a great job of teaching Will how to swim. Ironically enough, it seems like all the swim lessons did was make the feelings the two have for each other come back. After Will checked in on Carlton, Phil came to check in with Will. The two discuss the fact that Will is s role model for Carlton. Will tells Phil that he doesn’t care about the Founders Award and he will gladly take his name out of the running. He makes sure that Phil know that he wants the best for Carlton. Will catches up with Doc at the exhibit and the two discuss how academics are just as important as the sports aspect. This prompts Will to inform him that he’s up for a leadership at school although it’s more of his cousins thing. Doc tells Will that he has leadership qualities also and he shouldn’t be so quick to count himself out. After her and her dance team absolutely kill it, Jackie thanks Lisa for her words of encouragement earlier. Will interrupts their conversation by planting a kiss on…

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