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‘Bel-Air’ Season 2 Episode 2 Recap

by Black America Web

When last week’s episode of Peacock’s Bel-Air ended, Will (Jabari Banks) received a call from Doc (Brooklyn McLinn) where the scout informed him that he would pull up to his next basketball game. Will is struggling all the way down to the wire. When his coach draws up a play for another one of his teammates, Will voices his displeasure. Although he didn’t want to, Will runs the play but his teammate unfortunately misses the game winner and Bel-Air loses. After the game, Will and Doc discuss his performance and how winners always find a way to win. Uncle Phil (Adrian Holmes) peeps the interaction between the two and is immediately concerned. Later on that night, Phil decides to ask his nephew about the mysterious character. Will shares that he wants a D1 scholarship and Doc could help him get one. Phil warns his nephew to be careful who he listens to.

Carlton (Olly Sholotan) tries his luck at getting through to his cousin also. He explains that a real leader elevates the entire team, not just himself. It seemed like Carlton’s words stuck with Will because he apologized to the team at the next practice. This turns into a heated argument causing Will to walk out of practice. After getting a call from Jackie (Jazlyn Martin), Will decides to blow off some steam by sneaking out with Jazz (Jordan L. Jones) and Carlton. They meet at a rave in South Central. Will and Jackie are vibing out when Doc appears out of nowhere. Will is blindsided when he finds out that Jackie is actually Doc’s niece. Doc and Will further discuss Will’s situation. He tells Will that he feels like Bel-Air has made his game soft. Will hears this and takes it to heart. Before his next game, Will tells Carlton that he’s going to show everybody the West Philly Will and he wasn’t lying. Will was on fire throughout the whole game. Bel-Air was up 15 and the coach wanted to run plays. Will ignores the play that coach called for Kirk and instead continues to score and showboat….

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