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‘Bel-Air’ Exclusive: Carlton Has Faced A Lot Of Challenges — But This One Comes With Great Rewards

by Black America Web

Did you catch the premiere of Season 2 of Bel-Air last week?

If you’re anything like us you’re already chomping at the bit for a new episode of Bel-Air to hit Peacock this week. The good news is that we’ve got an exclusive sneak preview clip from the second episode for you right now!

Carlton Reveals His Princeton Plans On ‘Bel-Air’

In the clip below we see Lisa (Simone Joy Jones) catching up with Carlton (Olly Sholotan) in the hallway between classes. Lisa questions whether Carlton aced their calculus test and he confirms her suspicions. As she’s telling him how she studied super hard for the exam and only got a B+, Carlton reaches to pull a flyer off his locker notifying students about their school’s Founders Award. Lisa immediately encourages Carlton to go for the Founder’s Award, but he reminds her that it requires being nominated and winning support from both students, faculty and alumni — something that he believes has prevented any Black students from winning the prize in the past. Lisa tries to convince Carlton that he could definitely win the award and an easy pass to the Ivy League. When he asks why she doesn’t want it for herself, she reveals she’s planning to continue her family’s tradition by attending Howard University. Meanwhile, Carlton has his sights set on the Ivy League — Princeton University to be precise.

Check out the clip below:

Do you think Season 2 might finally be Carlton’s time to shine? Is Princeton in his future? We thought it was dope that the ‘Bel-Air’ creators had Lisa mention her family ties to Howard. It’s incredible how many Black families have strong HBCU legacies like hers!

When did you know where you wanted to go to college? Have you ever applied for something with no expectation of winning?

Catch an all-new episode of Bel-Air this Thursday on Peacock.

‘Bel-Air’ Exclusive: Carlton Has Faced A Lot Of Challenges — But This One Comes With…

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