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Beauty Influencer Eni Popoola Was Forced To Choose Between Her Job At A Law Firm Or Her Lucrative Career As A Content Creator

by Black America Web

Beauty Influencer Eni Popoola recently announced on her TikTok that she resigned from her job at a law firm after the company discovered she was getting paid for brand partnerships.

Popular Beauty Influencer Eni Popoola is entering a new era one day after celebrating her 28th birthday. The social media powerhouse was put in the hot seat at her job after being told she had to choose between working at the company or accepting brand partnerships as an influencer. And the young queen chose herself.

Eni Popoola’s Beauty Influencer Success Is No Secret

In her TikTok video, Popoola declared that she has never been discreet about her passion for beauty and content creation. “I have never hid my interests in beauty and blogging and all of that from anyone professionally. It is a line on my resume. It comes up in interviews. I’ve connected back to being able to read contracts and work with brands,” stated the beauty boss. Popoola also admitted that her firm was not privy to the fact that she was earning money as an influencer. And she now understands that doing so violates the firm’s policy.

Popoola has received tons of support from social media users regarding her choice to resign from her position as a lawyer. She revealed that she wasn’t passionate about her job and that this minor interruption was divine timing. And although she is still coming to terms with her recent decision, she’s thrilled about what’s to come. “I’m honestly really excited and thankful for the opportunity to turn what feels like something that happened to me into something that happened for me and for my good,” declared Popoola.

We are rooting for you, girl! Check out one of her inspiring beauty videos below!


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