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Come to Pack Square Plaza, in the heart of downtown Asheville, and experience how local artists have embraced the theme of social equity and inclusion.

Art in the Heart is part of the engagement efforts surrounding the Pack Square Plaza Visioning and Improvements Project which is looking at ways to make this public space a place that reflects Asheville’s diverse community and history.

Community members are invited to view the installations and provide feedback by answering a brief survey at publicinput.com/X7106#1.


2523: A Speculative Moment

Sculpture and interactive experience by artist Briar Coleman, on display until Sunday, February 26, 2023.

Speculative fiction and science fiction are genres that probe into the future with the imagination. They ask “how might we live differently?” Briar’s sculpture will do the same, representing a monument commissioned in the year 2523, five hundred years from now.

They plan to install a transparent, nine-foot-tall obelisk that will be filled with swirling fog that will slowly disperse into the atmosphere through small holes in the top of the obelisk. Text and images will be projected onto the fog that represent what a monument could possibly be and say in 2523.

The text will come from extensive interviews they will do with youth and leaders from the Asheville community. Briar’s project will collectively envision a future Asheville that has gone a long way to heal from its past, one that is not just equitable, but deeply flourishing.

With the removal of the Vance monument, Asheville is now at a crossroads in its memorialization and has a unique opportunity to learn, grow, and heal.

Map shows art locations 1-4 in downtown Asheville.
Art locations 1-4

The project is at location 3, The Median. Audio Visual Projections take place February 11, 18, and 25 (Saturdays) from 6:30-8:30 p.m.


Artists with the Asheville Contemporary Dance Theatre…

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