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Amanda Seales Show ‘To Arrest Trump Or Not To Arrest Trump That Is The Question?’ | EPISODE 74

by Black America Web

In this episode of the Amanda Seales podcast, Amanda and DJ NAILZ discuss various topics. They begin by diving into the question on everyone’s mind: will former President Donald Trump be arrested? Amanda shares her thoughts on the matter and the two engage in a lively discussion about the possibility.

Next up, they discuss Ja Rule’s recent comments about how hip-hop has influenced the lifestyle of NBA player Ja Morant. They explore the impact of hip-ho culture on society and how it has evolved over the years.

In the “They Did That” segment, Amanda highlights the story of Alice H. Parker, a black inventor who was responsible for creating the first central heating system back in 1919. She discusses Parker’s legacy and the importance of recognizing the contributions of black inventors throughout history.

Finally, Amanda provides an update on the Colorado black farmers who were featured in a previous episode. She shares the progress they have made and the challenges they continue to face in their efforts to reclaim their land and livelihoods.

Throughout the episode, Amanda and DJ NAILZ bring their unique perspectives and humor to the conversation, making it both informative and entertaining.


  1. (03:37) BLACKURATE NEWS: Barricades Are Spotted Going Up In Ny In Preparation For Protest In The Event Of A Trump Arrest. Speaking On The Don…Comedian Roy Wood Jr Asks “Is Trump Getting Arrested A Good Thing?
  2. (09:26) Ja Rule Says Hip Hop’s Influencing Ja Morant’s Poor Decisions
  3. (14:04) We Will Feature A Black Inventor In Our “They Did That” Segment For Women’s History Month. Today We Spotlight Alice H. Parker
  4. (16:15) Yesterday In Our Small Doses Segment, We Wanted To Know..Do You Feel Like There Is A Difference In The Way Mothers Raise Their Daughters Vs Their Sons… Ya’ll Blew Up The Lines On This One
  5. (19:29) BLACKURATE NEWS: Black Colorado Farmland Owners Update. Rick Ross’ Wandering Pet…

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