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9 Music Collaborations That Should’ve Happened Years Ago

by Black America Web


When recording artists get together for the sake of collaborating, the possibilities of what can result from just one studio session could literally be music to our ears. However, some of our faves that would absolutely sound good together for some reason have refused to give us that one duet we’re all craving.

That seems to be the current situation with R&B veterans/former lovers Angie Stone and D’Angelo. The two began dating in the early ’90s during his late teens and her early 30s — a little-known fact that’s currently causing a whole other issue on social media! — which resulted in a child by the time he was 24 and she was 37. Stone is said to be the muse of D’Angelo’s 1995 breakout debut album, Brown Sugar, and he in turn helped produce her 1999 solo debut, Black Diamond.

However, it seems that personal issues, paired with what Angie recently described as “pride” on D’Angelo’s behalf, for the sole reason why a musical connection that brought us songs like “No More Rain (In This Cloud),” “Lady” and his clearly Stone-inspired hit single “Brown Sugar” probably won’t be happening again anytime soon.

Take a look at the clip below to see what we mean, via VLADTV:


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It’s unfortunate that D’Angelo and Angie Stone can’t find a middle ground musically, especially given their past history together on a professional and personal level. It also got us thinking about a handful of other dream duets that, well, will probably stay there for the foreseeable future.

Whether for lack of timing purposes, a pressure from their respective fan bases to stay on opposite ends of the pop music spectrum or simply just being too busy making big moves in their solo careers, we can only hope there’s a good reason why some of these can’t-miss music collabs we thought up didn’t happen years ago. Keep scrolling to…

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