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7 Celebrity Aquarius We’re Obsessed With

by Black America Web

Aquarius are the most unique of all the zodiac signs due to their eccentric way of thinking; just look at our favorite celebrity Aquarius’. Those born under the sign are known for being untraditional and thinking outside of the box. They dance to the beat of their own drum, making them a quirky community of people. What I admire most about Aquarians is their unapologetic approach to showing up authentically, flaws and all; they truly are one of a kind.

The Aquarian reign begins on January 20 and concludes on February 18. The sign is ruled by Uranus, the planet of originality, freedom, invention and innovation. It is also ruled by Saturn, the iron fist of the solar system. Those born under the air sign are passionate about human rights, the greater good of humanity, and the importance of going against the grain. Much like the sign’s air element, Aquarians cannot be confined. They flow through situations like a breath of fresh air, or a turbulent tornado, depending on their mood.

Megan Thee Stallion epitomizes an Aquarius. Her passion for promoting mental health is an example, but also her dedication to obtaining her degree while managing an award-winning rap career shows her willingness to do the unexpected. Most people in her position wouldn’t bother to pursue their degree, but Aquarius makes their own rules.

Regarding fashion, those born under the 11th zodiac sign follow the “go big or go home” model. They’re all about self-expression and individuality. Some might be clad with tattoos and piercings, and others can be complete minimalists. Either way, you’ll never forget an Aquarius because their flair and personal style are out of this world.

Aquarians, it’s your time to shine. Here are seven celebrity Aquarius’ who embody the independence and free-thinking characteristics of the sign.

7 Celebrity Aquarius We’re Obsessed With

7 Celebrity Aquarius We’re Obsessed With 
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