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5 Times LeBron James Was A Fanboy For His Wife Savannah

by Black America Web

Lebron James is his wife Savannah James‘ biggest fan. We know this because Lebron is always begging up his lady whether it’s on social media or at a celebration for his own career, the legendary basketball player can’t get enough of Savannah, and neither can we!

Savannah James’ beauty lies in how multifacetedness. She carries a multitude of titles on her resume including a loving wife, mother, stylista and influencer. And in the midst of doing all the things she does as a woman and matriarch; homegirl can dress her a** off.

Savannah James appeared on the scene as a supportive partner of her famous husband. Ever since her debut, she’s won the hearts of many with her effortless, girl-next-door aesthetic. In a world where plastic surgery and loads of beauty enhancements rule, many of us Black women admired the fact that James “kept it real” when it came to her appearance and persona. Fast forward a few years later and the socialite is still keeping it real – just with loads of extra swag.

It’s no secret that James’ fashion has soared since she stepped on the scene. This lady has budded into a fashion goddess that can’t be stopped. Her Instagram page is literally a style vault that boast a plethora of hot looks. From Chanel to Dolce & Gabbana, Mrs. James’ garb resume can’t be touched, and her husband agrees.

LeBron James has thousands of fans when it comes to his basketball skills, but when it comes to his wife’s style game, LeBron is the fanboy. There aren’t too many pictures Mrs. James posts that LeBron doesn’t go crazy over. He’s her biggest fan, and we’ve got the proof. Below are five times LeBron swooned over his wife’s voguish flair.

5 Times Lebron James Proved He’s His Wife Savannah’s Biggest Fan 
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1. Dolce & Gabbana

We all had to pay homage to this all-black Dolce & Gabbana ensemble. Mrs. James served…

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