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20 Best Black Buddy Films

by Black America Web

The power of a Hollywood blockbuster starring two equally entertaining lead stars is a sort of cinematic magic that can’t be compared. Thus, we have the age-old tradition of the “buddy film.”

Over time we’ve seen tons of different actors paired together on the big screen, but you’d be surprised how far in-between the amount of times that you’ll look up and see two Black co-stars. The odds get even slimmer for those looking to find a pair of women spearheading the film. A rarity of its kind is the 1997 Black female-led cult classic film, B.A.P.S., starring Halle Berry and the late Natalie Desselle. In all of its ghetto fabulosity, the Townsend-directed comedy proved to be a project appreciated more in the decades following its initial release.

The film’s popularity has grown so much so that even rap queens Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion are now reportedly interested in giving the film a remake with the “WAP” emcees co-starring.


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While Cardi and Megan both have a natural look to pull off the gaudy ratchetness of Decatur darlings Nisi and Mickey, their lyrical chemistry would surely have to translate on film in order to make it an honorable reboot. They’d surely be in good company if the project actually does end up making it to the production phase, especially when considering some of the talented actors and actresses that broke barriers on film before them to show us the true definition of Black star power. Fingers crossed we start seeing more people of color, particularly women, in these leading roles in the future!

Keep scrolling for a look at 20 of our favorite Black buddy films over the years, and let us know if you think Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion are a good fit for a B.A.P.S. remake:

1. Will Smith & Martin Lawrence, ‘Bad Boys’ (1995)

2. Samuel L. Jackson & Bernie Mac, ‘Soul Men’ (2008)

3. Shawn Wayans &…

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