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15 Times Bianca Lawson Proved She Was Ageless On Instagram

by Black America Web

Whether you know her from Queen Sugar, The Steve Harvey Show, Sister, Sister or Buffy the Vampire Slayer, you’ve been watching Bianca Lawson on the small screen for years.

The Los Angeles-born actress turns 44 years old today, despite remaining ageless in the many roles she’s stared in since the late 1990s until the more current Queen Sugar.

In fact, Lawson spoke to Entertainment Tonight back in 2021 about her ability to play such young roles in Hollywood for more than 20 years. While she understands the compliment, she doesn’t want people to use their age to hinder their dreams.

“I’ve seen too many people throw in the towel on things or dreams or whatever, because they felt like they were too old. But they weren’t. And so I think it’s how you feel. I think it’s how you move in the world. I think that as you get older, you get wiser, you have more empathy because you’ve gone through more things. I think there’s so many amazing things about getting older,” she explains.

“And also, honestly, every woman I know, when I got into my 40s, they were like, ‘Oh, you were going to love your 40s. You give zero f–ks.’ You just don’t care. You’re like, ‘I’m just going to be fully me.’ And it’s really liberating. I think that this fear of aging is a weird cultural thing here.”

In honor of her birthday, we look back at some of her most gorgeous Instagram moments:

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11. Chicago Tribune Interview

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