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15 Standout Black Leading Women On TV Right Now

by Black America Web

As winter comes to an end today, with spring peaking its sunny head right around the corner, television aficionados everywhere are preparing for a fresh incoming of new shows and a handful of returning fan favorites as well. This season however will be quite different than ones in recent memory, mainly due to the surplus of leading ladies at the helm of the hottest dramas, sitcoms, thrillers and reboots across the television broadcast spectrum.

Taking things even further, we’re also seeing more Black women than ever at the forefront of standout ensemble casts in 2023. Major win for the home team!




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Keeping with our March-long celebration of Women’s History Month, it was only right to highlight some of the trailblazing Black actresses currently killing it on TV right now. From co-stars who manage to steal the show every time they come across the screen, to the women at front-and-center of their respective series as a melanated main character, each and every one of them are making things all the more entertaining on the small screen. We can only hope to see this trend amplify in the immediate future, with fingers crossed that Hollywood opens up even more opportunities for our melanated sisters in Hollywood to shine on TV.

While we’re proud to say that a lot of Black women are currently employed on the television side of Tinseltown, we narrowed our praise down to 15 Black actresses that are doing the culture some serious justice with their small screen talents.

Happy Women’s History Month! Take a look at these amazingly talented Black women at the forefront of 15 hit TV shows currently on air. Let us know who your favorite is, whether or not we got it right with the selections and even let us know who you would’ve added:

1. Quinta Brunson as Janine Teagues, ‘Abbott Elementary’

2. Mary J….

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