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10 Ways To Enjoy Valentine’s Day Single Or Alone

by Black America Web


Ok, so let’s face it: majority of us aren’t the luckiest when it comes to Valentine’s Day.

Whether satisfyingly single — hey, gang! — going through a breakup that’s not all the way broken off, away from your significant other due to traveling or simply in a “situationship” that just isn’t giving, well, anything, the annual holiday for lovers could also be a suitable occasion to express self love.

That’s where we come in! But first, let’s see what our boy Incognito is doing for the holiday at hand when it comes to our family over at Posted On The Corner:


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Whether or not you’re a fan of Cupid’s 24 hours of fame, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a day for ducking and hiding if you happen to be spending it as a single — there are many things you can do to treat yo’self! The greatest thing we can do in life is love ourselves, and we want to help you realize that by suggesting 10 activities, some even linked to shoppable products, that will guarantee your V’Day will be a very happy “Me Day.” You came in this world alone, so it’s only right that you understand the golden rule: ain’t nobody gonna love you like you love yourself.

Munchies, movies and mechanical devices that will definitely pleasure you on the solo dolo tip — oh my! We’ve curated a list filled with all of that and more so that February 14th never again has to be a day of dread. That is, until you find the one, of course!

Keep scrolling to check out 10 things that you can do today, or any other day for that matter, that will make Valentine’s Day as a single not seem so sinister. Also, let us know some of your tricks for the trade when it comes to spending V’Day alone as a single:

1. Stay In — And Get It In! — With Yourself

For the ladies looking to get some solo action in, we recommend heading to 
Tracy’s Dog. Word is, The OG FLOW 2-in-1 Clit…

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