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Sharing a Hulu Account With People Outside Your Household to Help Them Save Money? Your Account Could be Terminated

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Many families share streaming service logins to help cut costs. Unfortunately, not all services are meant to be shared. Many streaming service platforms are cracking down on users who share login details with friends and family.

Unless you pay for a family plan meant to be shared, there may be restrictions on how you use and share your account with others. Hulu recently alerted users that it would crack down on account sharing. We’ll explain what you need to know if you stream Hulu content.

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Hulu has updated its subscriber agreement

On Jan. 31, Hulu emailed subscribers to let them know that the company had updated its subscriber agreement. The changes impact new subscribers as of Jan. 25, but prior and existing subscribers have until March 14 for the updated terms to take effect.

The new terms state that users can no longer share their subscriptions with people outside of their household. The terms also note that Hulu has permission to analyze account usage to determine whether subscribers comply with the agreement’s terms.

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Subscribers will also be responsible for any account usage outside of their household. According to the updated terms, Hulu can, without notice, limit, suspend, or terminate accounts found to be violating the subscription agreement terms.

If you’ve been sharing your login with others or using a friend or family member’s Hulu account to stream video content for free, this news is worth knowing.

Hulu isn’t the first to impose account usage restrictions

Hulu isn’t the first streaming platform to take steps to limit password sharing. In May 2023, Netflix told users that their accounts were not intended to be shared with people outside their households.

The streaming platform noted that anyone who wanted to continue sharing access to their Netflix subscriptions would need to pay an additional…

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