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RBI observes financial literacy week from February 26 to March 1; all you need to know

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Starting in 2016, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has consistently allocated each year to the observance of Financial Literacy Week (FLW). The primary goal is to convey messages regarding financial education to the general public, fostering the empowerment of individuals to adopt responsible financial behaviour and make informed financial decisions.

What is this year’s theme?

The designated theme for the Financial Literacy Week scheduled from February 26 to March 01, 2024, is “Initiate Wisely: Cultivate Financial Savvy”. The theme centres on young adults and students, seeking to imbue prudent financial habits from an early age. It promotes the cultivation of a robust financial groundwork, fostering enhanced financial security and the attainment of future goals.

The focus lies on saving and recognizing the efficacy of compounding in wealth generation. Modern-day investors highlight that even modest, regular savings can experience exponential growth over time, all thanks to compound interest. This proves crucial for achieving long-term financial objectives such as retirement and education.

For students, it holds greater significance as it instructs them on topics such as bank accounts, secure transactions, budgeting, credit management, and navigating financial products tailored to their requirements. As online banking becomes increasingly prevalent, understanding cybersecurity risks and adopting secure digital financial practices is vital to safeguard personal financial information. The emphasis of the current year’s theme aligns with broader objectives to foster a more financially literate and empowered…

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