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Moniepoint Celebrates Children, Promotes Financial Literacy in Low-income Communities – Tech | Business

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In recognition of the transformative power of education and children as the lynchpin of a nation’s future, Moniepoint Inc has provided opportunity for kids in low-income and underserved communities in Lagos to receive life-changing financial literacy in a fun, and relaxed environment to commemorate this year’s Children’s Day celebration. 

At an august celebration which was held at the Let It Shine Academy, LISA in Lagos, students were provided with school bags, books, educational tablets and learning accessories to power academic aspirations, as volunteers from Moniepoint took them through interactive and engaging sessions around budgeting, savings and spending, earning money, investing, personal financial management so as to instill a positive culture of financial literacy.

Children’s Day prioritizes children’s rights and participation in the wider world and financial literacy is a very important life skill considering that financial decisions cut across every aspect of their lives, and a solid foundation in this regard can transform them and the nation at large.

Speaking to Moniepoint’s observance of Children’s Day, Aderayo Adesokan, manager, Brand and Communications, Moniepoint Inc said,

“We are here at LISA to celebrate Children’s Day with the kids. For us at Moniepoint, we are firm believers in powering the dreams of not just businesses or individuals but those associated with them, especially a vulnerable segment like the children. We believe that we can serve as a catalyst to their dreams while helping them understand that as a brand we exist to ensure a society where everyone experiences financial happiness and we’ll be there for them.

“We are excited that this platform has afforded us the opportunity to introduce these kids to critical life changing skills around financial inclusion and literacy, and help them better under the concept of money. It is our expectation that armed with the information and skills that they…

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