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Money latest: Chair of major bank predicts when interest rate cut will come | UK News

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Which cereals have least sugar? Your guide to a healthier breakfast without paying a fortune

It can be hard to balance getting nutritious foods that make you feel good without spending a lot.

In this series, we try to find the healthiest options in the supermarket for the best value – and have enlisted the help of Sunna Van Kampen, founder of Tonic Healthwho went viral on social media for reviewing food in the search of healthier choices.

The series does not aim to identify the outright healthiest option, but to help you get better nutritional value for as little money as possible.

Today, we’re looking at the breakfast staple – cereal. 

A sugar trap?

“Protein and good fats are what fill you up and satiate you to get your day going,” Sunna says.

“Cereal unfortunately is a sugar and carb-heavy start which causes your blood sugar to spike and as a result you feel hungry way before lunch time.”

A glance at the nutrition labels and you’ll see the problem. 

“Some popular brands contain 35% sugar or up to 12g of sugar per 30g serving – that’s already half of the daily recommended intake for children,” Sunna says. 

That’s before accounting for the fact that most people double up on recommended portion sizes. 

“According to research the average bowl weighs 73g rather than 30g suggested portion size – that means your child could be having their daily sugar quota for breakfast before school,” Sunna says.

Healthier cereal choices

“The key to healthier cereal bowls is to ensure minimal sugar and maximum fibre – which is where options like Weetabix come to the forefront as a better option – at 4.2% sugar and 10% fibre,” Sunna says. 

Among the main brands, this is hard to beat.

Frosties and Crunchy Nut don’t fare well at 35% and 37% sugar respectively. Cornflakes at 8% and Coco Pops at 17% are better – but still high.

Alternative breakfasts

Greek yogurt: “High in protein and…

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