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CEEE has been helping connect Gooding with Delaware schools for some time now and contacted Howard about the possibility of hosting the event. 

“I just think this is amazing; I wish every student in the state could see it,” said Gail Colbert, personal finance coordinator at CEEE. 

Students didn’t seem quite sure what to expect but quickly warmed to the act, clapping along and cheering Gooding’s instrumental solos and feats like playing two guitars at the same time.  

After the set, Gooding switched into a fast-paced monologue on responsible finances, explaining his own journey from a wannabe rich rock star to a grownup who realized that a band is a small business. 

“As much fun as it is to get lost in the music, I had to make a budget, I had to realize that I have to pay accountants, lawyers, manager, marketing, gas, food, hotels,” Gooding told the Howard students gathered in the auditorium.  

He emphasized that many famous people don’t, in fact, have finances figured out despite their vast incomes. 

Afterward, he fielded questions from the students. 

Gooding’s group tours throughout the country and beyond and has contributed music to several hit TV shows and movies. During this trip, they visited other Delaware high schools, including Smyrna, Concord, and St. Mark’s. 

High schoolers compete for state bragging rights

Newark Charter School won its third straight state championship on April 24th. 

The high school students weren’t competing on an athletic field but testing their financial knowledge and skills. 

The 15th annual Delaware High School Personal Finance Challenge was sponsored by Bank of America and hosted by CEEE. 

Almost all of the teams use CEEE’s Keys to Financial Success curriculum, developed by CEEE and the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia and provided free to participating Delaware schools. The competition is a chance for students to demonstrate what they’ve learned, have some fun and win prizes. 


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