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First Interstate Bank’s Innovative Mini Bank Program Teaches Kids Financial Literacy

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First Interstate Bank has embarked on an educational journey at Three Rivers Elementary School, aiming to instill the importance of financial literacy in young minds. Spearheaded by Aaron Schofield, the branch manager and vice president, the initiative introduces a ‘Mini Bank’ program tailored for students starting from kindergarten. This program seeks to enlighten children on the significance of saving money through hands-on experience, allowing them to open savings accounts that accrue four percent interest until they transition to a checking account upon graduating eighth grade.

Empowering Young Savers

With an eye towards fostering early financial responsibility, the Mini Bank program goes beyond traditional classroom learning. It integrates practical financial education by enabling students to actively participate in saving. In a move to encourage this habit, the Three Rivers PTA contributed an additional incentive: students who made a deposit in February received a bonus $1. Moreover, the educational journey included a bank tour, where students were introduced to various banking roles and had the rare opportunity to visit the bank vault. This experience demystified banking operations and brought real-world financial practices to life for the students.

Community Commitment and Educational Outreach

First Interstate Bank’s initiative is part of a broader commitment to community engagement and educational outreach. By introducing financial concepts at an early age, the Mini Bank program aims to lay a strong foundation for financial literacy among the youth. The approach is proactive, tackling the challenge of financial education head-on by integrating it into the school curriculum. This not only enriches the students’ learning experience but also aligns with First Interstate Bank’s mission to contribute positively to the communities it serves.

Looking Towards the Future

The Mini Bank program at Three…

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