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Financial Experts on How to Budget for Big Travel Expenses

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Because every penny (okay, maybe every quarter) counts.


What comes to mind when you think about taking the trip of a lifetime? Whether it involves donning cold-weather gear and setting foot on a glacier in Antarctica, cruising past the Big Five on an African safari, or something equally grand, it’s bound to be a pretty expensive feat. And aside from the usual budgeting tips you’ve likely come across—like traveling during shoulder seasons and opting for shared accommodations or transportation whenever possible—you’re going to need to save up a significant amount of cash to make that bucket list dream vacation come true.

That’s why we hashed out the best ways to organize everything from an extravagant weekend getaway to a long-haul round-the-world adventure without breaking the bank, with tips from financial experts and professional travel writers who’ve done it themselves.

First, figure out exactly how much money you’ll need

When it comes to tallying up your budget for a trip, your first step should be researching how much things cost so you can get a better idea of how much you’ll need to spend. That’s how full-time digital nomad and TravelSpill.com founder Giovanni Hashimoto says he was able to enjoy a recent month-long trip to New Zealand without breaking the bank.

“Plan your trip meticulously to avoid unnecessary expenses—map out your daily activities, transportation routes, and accommodation options in advance,” says Hashimoto. “This will help you identify potential cost-saving opportunities and avoid last-minute splurges.”

Travel blogger Riana Ang-Canning, who celebrated her honeymoon in New Zealand in 2023, says it’s all about looking ahead and tailoring your budget to your interests. By adding up all the known costs for things like flights, hotels, transportation, and pre-booked activities as well as estimating additional funds needed for gas, food, and other incidentals, the…

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