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Explicit, AI-generated Taylor Swift images continue to proliferate on X, Instagram and Facebook

by NBC News

Fake, artificial-intelligence-generated nude and sexually suggestive photos of Taylor Swift continue to circulate on social media platforms, days after they first spread on Elon Musk’s X, having now made their way to Instagram and Facebook.

Basic keyword searches of those platforms on Monday quickly turned up the fake images of the singer, despite some efforts to limit their spread. On Saturday, X stopped Swift’s name from working in its search function, though alternate phrasings still turned up the pictures. As of Tuesday morning, however, X had unblocked searches of Swift’s name. 

The continued proliferation of sexually explicit deepfakes of Swift on leading social media platforms underscores the challenge of stopping the spread of fake images once they’re disseminated on the internet — it’s difficult, if not impossible, to contain them. Similar material can be created and posted almost immediately, even if the original content has been taken down. 

A representative for Swift didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment. Neither did X, the company previously known as Twitter.

Meta, which owns both Facebook and Instagram, said in a statement: “No one should ever have to experience online abuse like this.” On Monday, Meta removed eight Instagram posts and one Facebook post containing sexually suggestive and sexually explicit deepfake images of Swift that were flagged by NBC News. The platform left up an AI-generated Facebook post that depicted Swift pregnant, as well as one that depicted Swift kissing the head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs. 

“We strongly condemn the content that has appeared across different internet services, and we worked quickly to remove it from ours,” Meta said in the statement. “We continue to monitor our platforms for this violating content and will take appropriate action as needed.”

A handful of fake images of Swift first began to spread after an unidentified X user published them on Wednesday. That post…

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