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Celebrating the Power & Strength of Women

by The Urban News

This month we honor several amazing women and present their personal stories—focusing on the ways they have inspired, motivated, empowered, and encouraged women by advancing social equity and providing services, opportunities, and support.

If you happen to see or work with any of these extraordinary women, please take a moment to thank them for helping to create a brighter future for everyone.

Brandy Mills

Brandy Mills

Helping Others Succeed

Lately, there has been a lot of buzz about the work Asheville native Brandy Mills is doing within our community. How did she evolve into this work? Come with us as we get to know her.

Brandy’s ambition, drive, and courage to chase her dreams initially came from the borrowed confidence of those who saw more in her than she saw in herself. Early in her youth, it could be seen that she had a passion for investing in and serving others. Friends recall how she loved to play school, always wanting to be the teacher…helping everyone see that they could learn, and caring for them in ways that made them feel good and capable.

As a child she experienced bullying, which ultimately drove her to ensure that people felt a sense of belonging, no matter how they looked, the clothes they wore, the community they grew up in, their access to opportunity, or their financial status. She began a God-directed journey as a registered nurse; now, paying it forward, her company, Brandy Mills Consulting (www.brandymillsconsulting.com) provides business, leadership, and growth coaching, to help others see their own potential and possibility.

And with Woman Strong (www.instagram.com/bm.womanstrong), her women’s empowerment movement, Brandy strives to build a community of women that motivates, inspires, supports, and equips one another to walk boldly into what they have been purposed to accomplish.

Tiffany Marie Torres
Tiffany Marie Torres

Tiffany Marie Torres

Helping Resilient Women Heal

In June 2021 self-love and feminine empowerment coach Tiffany Marie Torres…

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